Tuesday, April 17, 2018


I had landed in Houston on Sunday evening. Barely out of the jet lag and still groggy, my office hours went by quickly. Wednesday my teammates leave to Florida for vacation for the Thanksgiving weekend. Alone without SSN, any cash,card, phone friends or family, I felt stranded.

I borrow a phone from my roommate and quite conscious of making a long distance call from someone else phone I make my talk quick with my mom.  I tell her, that I am fine. She was undergoing chemo and I could only choke at my tears and finish the call, before mom finds me crying. I decide to take a walk in the park next door. Cold and alone I am fighting tears, my emotions run high. 4 days alone in the first weekend in US. No one even to talk to. I cry my heart out in the bench. There's noone in the park.

I lift my eyes to wipe my tear and see a bird darting across. I stare and smile. If God could feed the birds, here today and gone tomorrow, how precious I am! I rush back to my apartment. I pull a paper and pen. I list down all that I don't have.
Moms food
Then I made a list of things I did have
A roof above my head.
A roommate
Food in the fridge
Utensils in the kitchen
Fully functioning kitchen
Someone to pick and drop me from airport ( I had my manager, and two teammates come!)
My viral fever was gone since I had landed
My cold was nill.
I had legs that could walk, eyes that see
And on and on I wrote and my list was 7:22, I think.
Looking at it back, I just tore it up and laughed. God I have so much to be thankful for and I am going to be! I was grinning ear to ear.

My search for church then begun.

Thursday, November 30, 2017


Shame on me, not a single post on Andre.

She makes me laugh. She's so funny. I'll probably put in stuff that she does here in this post. I wish I had done this earlier.

She says mumum. If she wants food.
She can now say thani for water.
She's a climber. She climbs on every possible stuff.
She likes to wear pant. Only. Amma pant she chants repeatedly. She loves to wear Amy's dress. She likes to imitate Amy. They both wear my dupatta in head with a hairband and pose like princesses.
When anyone scolds andrea, she says Amy,Amy kakka, or whoever it is. She's so cute that she escapes any


If love is a emotion, how can it be commanded?   for that's what Jesus did .
The greatest commandment? To love God and to love man.

Isn't that strange? My friend asked.

Love infact is an intentional decision. God loved us, not because we are good. It's his nature and he wanted to love us, in the first place.

We love our neighbor, when we make intentional decision to do so. Love is a choice you make. To love another person. Or neat.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Why must a girl leave her parents?

I had an interesting conversation today at lunch with Kashyap. His question was
1. Why should we marry?

2. Why should a girl leave the parents?

The first question has answer that was straight forward. God planned it. God ordained it. It was from God.
The second was quite obvious, but really? We looked at two examples from the Bible. Rebekah and Leah- Rachel.
Both left their father's family. But why?

Then he asked this question
3. Why did Abraham give gifts, or why did Jacob work for FOURTEEN years to get Rachel?

He then paralleled what Jews do in their wedding and said, question 3 has answer in the New testament. Baffled, we tried to relate.. and then he said, the Church -the bride has to leave the world, and then the puzzle fell into place. Christ paid the price. He bought the bride with his precious blood.

So that means
Christ paid the prize to get his Bride.The Bride leaves the worldly ways. Christ has full authority on the Bride.Bride is not treated as a servant, or object but as a partner. Body of Christ.

Husband pays to get his Wife. The wife leaves her family. Husband has full authority on the wife. Wife is a helpmate. They are one body.

What a sequel.
Christ loved the Church (Eph 5:25)
So the mantle, actually falls on the husbands. and thus submitting to the husband becomes easy peasy.

and the Bible, repeats this story, of husband paying the price to get his wife. [Hosea]

aah, but wait, where did the dowry system come from? Its time for the young men to wake up.. and for the married men, too, to pay back, if they had been bought! :P

Saturday, May 20, 2017


Have you seen water faucet trickling down even when fully opened. It's time to check the water tank or clean the filter.

When I did open after great difficulty, as the salty water and rust had made it real tight, I was in for a surprise. The filter was covered with salt sediments. It was good for nothing. I used an old toothbrush to clean it and put it under the water. V! it was good as new.

I bet, that's exactly what happens to our mind with so much of thoughts and input  processing with constant usage. 😂

Time to sit at his feet and get your clogged mind clean up. Free and clear to be useful to all.

A Pig? or a cat?

My dad uses this story quite so often, that it got imbibed in me.

How long does a cat take to bounce back,when fallen into gutter? A quick nano second, it will scamper as fast as it could.
A pig, will wallow in it. Who are you? dad would ask.

You cast your burdens, and scamper away. No more thinking about the incident. What not, how could. You live for the day. One day at a time.

Of course the cat would lick its whole body, even if it was only a tip of the tail that was in the gutter. And for that, as we soak in God's presence, he transforms us by the renewing of our mind.
Hallelujah! That's why his yoke is easy. 😎

Friday, December 16, 2016


I've always loved trees. They remind me of the song, 'the trees of the field will clap their hands '. As a child I've talked to the ones on MCC campus fence.
I tell Amy to look at the bark, touch and feel and see how big,majestic they look and how wide spread and comfy the branches are to birds and animals.

My love of my job, got transfixed because of our campus. The green campus. Plants, flowers, landscape changing quite frequently and I've enjoyed them all. I've gulped in the beauty and they were my pride. The road to our campus, GST road also fascinates me. Trees,extending their limbs.

The aftereffects of the cyclone on Monday chopped a part of me.. The GST road looks barren. Heaps of fallen trees. Twisted and broken. Walking through our campus,is like walking in a war zone. Huge trees lay fallen. Leaves strewn all over. Lifeless beauties on the ground, never to return back to glory.  The MCC campus too. Trees of all sizes and shapes. Such beauty. Lost in few hours.

I am sure, they'll try to make it grow to same glory, but it hurts. To see them all uprooted and dead. 4 hours of terrible wind. 1 day effect. Is all it took, to devastate years of growth. Lesson for life.
Character.attitude.decision. wealth. Power. Glory. Absolutely nothing is permanent. Except for the creator. The unchanging,all-powerful, all knowing God. Humbles me.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Immeasurably more !

With Andrea crawling, I can't help but look back 2 years earlier when Amy was this small. Turmoil. That's of less description. Burnt chicken. Definitely. Head under water. Yes for sure. I had prayed that I was leaping into the unknown,knowing He'll hold me. The one who held me as the Apple of his eye this far, will see me through, was my faith. He was my anchor. He would never leave me.

He did see me through. I was clinging on to Him his promises though, it dint look any positive. It was terrible. I was going in circles. I got a wall sticker, that said " He calms the storm to a whisper and stills the wave. Psalms 107:29" I believed it. He is my Lord. He stilled my heart. I renewed my faith. "Who am I in Christ" poster revived me. I was bubbling again. I did have difficulty, but I was sure He will see me through. Single mom or whatever.

Yesterday, a distant friend who had known my situation then asked me, if I got a new husband. ROFL. I said no, but in fact, I think I did. He has changed. So have I. Lot of things have changed in me. We still have the struggles. But He sees us through. 'Who would have thought, ' Gen 21:7 that I would have another baby? For all that I went through that 1 yr 10 months.  Moreover, for someone who had harmone imbalance all my life, this is again nothing short of a miracle.

And for those who think relationship is like a mirror, once broken it can never mend? Well, I can tell you, that mine was broken to pieces and God the healer, mended it. As good as new. I am not sure , if I have the scar even. He's faithful. He's trustworthy. His love endures forever. I am his Apple of his eye. So this verse has been true in my life.  Ephesians 3:20
him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us
3 years later, I have in my hand another pretty blessing. It is definitely, immeasurably more that I asked or imagined. His power is at work within us. Yippppeee!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Aaah.... I can't believe I dint jot down any learnings or happenings  this year. It's been super busy with my lil girls.

Amy2 is Claribel Andrea. Amy and Andrea look a lot similar, I guess. Amy has been extra clingy to me. But she has been talking  a lot. She's in LKG now. Loves telling stories. All imaginary ones.

She loves Shaun the sheep. Masha and the bear. Mickey mouse club house, Dora and friends, paw patrol.

So I get to hear stories where the main characters are  Shaun, goofy, Reuben, Simeon (both from the story of Joseph-thanks to beginner Bible videos.) And Jesus, and angels. She can go on and on and on. If you don't listen to her stories, you'll be bitten. And be assured that whatever you have in hand will be thrown away.

Her expressions are fantastic. Her eyes would speak a thousand words itself. Her hand gestures are so animated, it's beautiful to watch. She cant stand still. She would walk, or jump or climb. Her favorite place is the bed. Like a stage she uses it to walk on pillows, toys or whate er. She'll give you a choice. Big story or small story. Either will be too long.  Her stories are not correlated. You will hear Shaun and reuban most of the time . A monkey or a big Pete that's beaten or chased away. If you ask when the story will end, she'll say in a minute. She'll then end the story quickly for you and close it with THEE END.
She'll then ask, was it big story or small. I try to match up with hpice earlier as she would have taken time to meet it.

This post was supposed to be for Andrea isn't it? Aaah. Well what does she ? She watches her sister iñtently. Wonder how she's gonna be when she's three. Chatterbox for sure!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Slowing down

My neighbors say that they are scared when I run down the stairs every morning.
I have to walk a good 10 mins to the bus stop. 4-5 mins run otherwise. From the earlier near misses, I was much better, but it was anyway a morning run. AND evening run too.

They said in your career there will be dial down, dial up phase.  In this project, where we are in a phase that feels like golive is a week away (SIT starts on June 15.)  my doctor has told me to slow down.
No running down the stairs.  No running to busbay. No walking fast.  Slow down.

Be still.