Monday, November 29, 2010

Shopping or Cemetry?

Call me weird, but I like going to the cemetry. Just walking around, reading the epitaphs, calculating their age, and matching the family members! Old tombstones -100-200 years old are even more interesting. Would they have known, that someone from this century would read about them??

It is one place with NO activity. A place so silent, and so still. It seems the world stops spinning there. People who were alive and kicking, with friends, family, someone who laughed, was hugged, kissed, and loved, are now jst a name above the ground. Here lies someone who was once dedicated hardworker, a loving mother, an intelligent scientist, a millionare, a talented singer, a kind doctor they all end up six feet under. Whatever they worked for, lived for, their aspirations, their achievements, everything comes to a standstill. 99% of those who are buried there, don't come there willingly. Ironic aint it.

Working for a leading death care industry, I finaly got the opportunity to see one of their cemetry. The very STRANGE thing, which I've never seen in India was, those well and alive ( not dead), leave their name on the tombstone, with their birthyear. ( Seems it is cheaper to add only the death year later- like that of the picture). Weird? I think that actualy makes you well prepared for that big day. Afterall, that's bound to happen anytime!

Oh yeah, going to a cemetry is less intidimating than shopping. Atleast for weirdo me!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Who wants to do nothing? Get up late, laze around, do absolutely nothing all day, but still get paycheck? What do you think?? My pastor asked us to raise our hands. Few hands went up. He asked us again, and this time to tell the truth. :) He raised his hands first. We all did. It felt good to know that its just not me!

Bare minimum. That's what we do at times. Barely getting by. Do nothing, but want to get reward. Easy life. No trouble, no hiccups. Just glide through.

But God wants us to give our best. The best of our strength, our finances, relationships,our health,our time, life. Lesson from the parable of talents. The king does ask for returns. We ought to give the max effort, with whatever we have. Fight against our own desire to be lazy or to do just the bare minimum, but maximise all that we have to the full potential, making use of every opportunity.

He went on, 'God put us in the field to play'. We are just happy to be in the team, and if we don't watch the ball, but just linger around the outfield, you will be chucked out of the field.

Matthew 25:14-30