Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Immeasurably more !

With Andrea crawling, I can't help but look back 2 years earlier when Amy was this small. Turmoil. That's of less description. Burnt chicken. Definitely. Head under water. Yes for sure. I had prayed that I was leaping into the unknown,knowing He'll hold me. The one who held me as the Apple of his eye this far, will see me through, was my faith. He was my anchor. He would never leave me.

He did see me through. I was clinging on to Him his promises though, it dint look any positive. It was terrible. I was going in circles. I got a wall sticker, that said " He calms the storm to a whisper and stills the wave. Psalms 107:29" I believed it. He is my Lord. He stilled my heart. I renewed my faith. "Who am I in Christ" poster revived me. I was bubbling again. I did have difficulty, but I was sure He will see me through. Single mom or whatever.

Yesterday, a distant friend who had known my situation then asked me, if I got a new husband. ROFL. I said no, but in fact, I think I did. He has changed. So have I. Lot of things have changed in me. We still have the struggles. But He sees us through. 'Who would have thought, ' Gen 21:7 that I would have another baby? For all that I went through that 1 yr 10 months.  Moreover, for someone who had harmone imbalance all my life, this is again nothing short of a miracle.

And for those who think relationship is like a mirror, once broken it can never mend? Well, I can tell you, that mine was broken to pieces and God the healer, mended it. As good as new. I am not sure , if I have the scar even. He's faithful. He's trustworthy. His love endures forever. I am his Apple of his eye. So this verse has been true in my life.  Ephesians 3:20
him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us
3 years later, I have in my hand another pretty blessing. It is definitely, immeasurably more that I asked or imagined. His power is at work within us. Yippppeee!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Aaah.... I can't believe I dint jot down any learnings or happenings  this year. It's been super busy with my lil girls.

Amy2 is Claribel Andrea. Amy and Andrea look a lot similar, I guess. Amy has been extra clingy to me. But she has been talking  a lot. She's in LKG now. Loves telling stories. All imaginary ones.

She loves Shaun the sheep. Masha and the bear. Mickey mouse club house, Dora and friends, paw patrol.

So I get to hear stories where the main characters are  Shaun, goofy, Reuben, Simeon (both from the story of Joseph-thanks to beginner Bible videos.) And Jesus, and angels. She can go on and on and on. If you don't listen to her stories, you'll be bitten. And be assured that whatever you have in hand will be thrown away.

Her expressions are fantastic. Her eyes would speak a thousand words itself. Her hand gestures are so animated, it's beautiful to watch. She cant stand still. She would walk, or jump or climb. Her favorite place is the bed. Like a stage she uses it to walk on pillows, toys or whate er. She'll give you a choice. Big story or small story. Either will be too long.  Her stories are not correlated. You will hear Shaun and reuban most of the time . A monkey or a big Pete that's beaten or chased away. If you ask when the story will end, she'll say in a minute. She'll then end the story quickly for you and close it with THEE END.
She'll then ask, was it big story or small. I try to match up with hpice earlier as she would have taken time to meet it.

This post was supposed to be for Andrea isn't it? Aaah. Well what does she ? She watches her sister iñtently. Wonder how she's gonna be when she's three. Chatterbox for sure!