Saturday, August 30, 2008

The race...

It was a monday morning. Heavy traffic. Driving by itself is difficult. Requires perfect eyes, hands, legs co- ordination, demanding complete presence of mind. With Indian roads and no rules, each driver is the king of the road. It seems as one big circus adventure act. But oh, I know, driving a two wheeler was also scary once. But now, its a piece of cake.. and am sure, I will sure say the same for 4 wheeler driving!

So sitting in the rear seat, letting my mind wander, it stuck me, how we would need the following.
1. Destination. Know where you are headed. Be it to your workplace, shopping, park or beach, or just a long drive, you would have to have a sense of direction, the 'WHERE'. That keeps you in check for other secondary things like, where you have a U- turn, where you can park, where you can stop by for a snack, slow down, take a short route or anything.
2. Fuel. Are you fully loaded? or empty? Can you survive till your destination. Fairly simple eh?
3. Patience. Giving way.Be it traffic jams, an over bridge, a level crossing, or the highway, people are always on the move. They try to get ahead. And sitting behind the wheel, you learn patience, to sit still and give way, and yet move on.

Life is a rat race, in a competitive world. We all run, day in and day out. These 3 things do make lot of sense. 1. Destination. My purpose. What drives me on. Puts me in the right perspective. Helps me see every secondary thing WITH RESPECT TO my sense of purpose.
2.Fuel. Do I have enough energy, strength to move on? Am I charged up, for the days activity? Like a spring, you can get fresh living water every day. But do I dip in to drink it?
3. Patience. Oh I have so many fellow travellers like me. My aunt, my parents, my siblings, friends, in laws, my manager, my collegues, teammates everyone in their own vehicle. We share the same road, and we sure have to learn to give way and not honk at them.
Life is a journey.. very apt!

Hebrews 12:1
Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Complete strangers or friends who cross our ways unexpectedly, call in time of distress, or help out just at the hour of need are sure are considered as angels.

But recently read Frank E. Peretti's books 'This present darkness' and 'Piercing the darkness'. Good novels, fast paced in everyway, but opens your eyes to a new dimension. That you have unseen angels, beside you, encouraging, protecting, and leading you. And then you have lil devils, trying to distract you, and keep you in trouble. ALL THE TIME.

Complacency, Confusion, Hatred, Anger, Despair, Discouragement, Deception, Doubt, Fear,Lust,Jealousy are some of the devils that hover over us. The angels are helpless and bounded, unless the victim,draws strength from the Lord, or some third person is praying for the victim. Then the angels raise their enormous silvery wings, and take the shiny sword and fight the demons.

Though it is a fiction, it sure is scary to know, that you are surrounded by invisible beings. And to know in day to day activities, we could be easily fooled by the devil, IF we are not careful. .......... Discouraged? Confused? Check who's next to you... ;o)

It also, emphasizes the importance of prayer. Praying for your family, relatives, friends, colleagues, people in authority, govt, sick, homeless, orphans, prisoners, destitutes, people you happen to meet or see on the way. Every prayer has its answers, in ways we may never understand. But God is working, always working in the background.

For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways;Psalms 91:11.
Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?Heb 1:14

Friday, August 8, 2008

Seize the moment!

You can see it only in the open, and not in the city. The vast sky. In Mahindra City where I work, you have ample space. Every evening, the dusk brings a beautiful painting across the skies.

I bet, there's an angel appointed by God, whose job is to just paint the sky, blue, red, orange, pink and what not. The brush strokes are visible. But the catch is, they last for under a minute. If you don't see it, u have missed it forever. The evening sky changes every second that, it is breathtaking and you could just look at it in awe.

Oh yeah, I've wondered, that on one fine day, the angel will go on a strike, saying, that nobody watches his painting! How plain the sky would be then!! So, now I ensure that I look up, thank God for the painting he arranges every day, to just make my day!

I often, compare the present with the past or the future, for which a good friend reprimands, saying live the moment. "Just live the moment, dont let it go by to regret that later! " .
If you don't live it, u have missed it forever.

Lesson from Mr.Moon.

Fresh red plump tomatoes( in vegetable shop), bunch of flowers on trees( they look as if they laugh), single flower ( looks like smiling), Swaying trees( trees of the field clapping their hands), the drizzle on the face, the breeze against your hair and yr face( as you ride a vehicle) ..and all time favorite is the moon..half moon, the smiley moon, full moon.

So, this was one of those moon days. After a long day in office, started home late. That's when I spotted the moon. It was extra bright.white. Full, and almost bulging out from the sky. Just beautiful. Unable to contain it, I called one of my friend in prev company, to check it out. Bearing my pestering, he left his desk, to climb upstairs to check the sky. But lo, he couldn't spot it. We were, say 20 kms apart. When I could see the moon in a clear sky. There it was too clouded, and the moon was behind the dark clouds. Strange.Same moon, same city.

Learnt a lesson that day. Situation could be same. But perspective might/could differ. A fact. Got to accept it. Honor it. Agree to it.