Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I called the helpdesk. I was in a hurry and was furious when I couldn’t check my webmail.They resolved it in few mins.

Few hours later, I had a question and was wondering if I should raise a request online or call the Claims desk. A 888 number. I dialed. After just 1 ring, a guy picked up. He not only answered my question, but gave lot more useful details. I thanked him and said how surprised I was to be responded quickly. I asked ‘where are you located?’. The guy responded Bangalore.

After the call, it made me wonder, how nice to have someone respond so quickly and clearly as if I were talking to a teammate who sits next to me. Its hard to believe, but I know for certain if I call now there will be someone to respond, across the seas, wide awake at the middle of their night, with a cheerful voice, and a great attitude.

If I am so sure and confident about man/a company/its policies ( which is now there and may not be tomorrow), how much sure I can be of a God who indwells in me, and is working in me. If only I would call him all the time!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


We got this badge this afternoon at work. Our client had paid off 7+ Billion dollars loans they had taken. Well, it was a time of celebration! We got more than 2 emails, there were couple of PA announcements, and the ceo talked at noon to all the employees. More than a 2000 gathered for that brief 15 min talk. There were hi fis, hugs and smiles all around. and yes we all got that badge.

Looking at that red 'PAID', I couldn't help myself smile, and imagine how jubilant we all should be everyday, for yes He paid in full with his blood, that I now have eternal life, an abundant life! What a relief! No matter, what we go through in this fallen world, it never matters! Coz, he has finished the deal. What hope, and strength and faith we can draw on that fact, to live inspite of all the struggles. Yippeee! PAID in FULL!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Ezekial's wife

'With one blow I am about to take away from you the delight of your eyes. Yet do not lament or weep or shed any tears ' Ezekiel 24:15.

And Ezekiel loses his dear wife! And he wasn't even allowed to mourn! 'Groan quietly, and do not mourn for the dead.' That took me by surprise, I never knew Ezekial wife died this way. When we talk about loss, we talk about only Job. But here is Ezekial, losing his beloved wife in probably 8-10 hrs. Just like that. He was made as a sign! (v 24) why? That 'then they will know that I am the Lord'.

This phrase 'then they will know that I am the Lord' appears 53 times in the Bible, and all of it from this book! In whole of Ezekial, God pours his love and passion on Israel in so many different ways. If only Israel would listen. It is just the same now. If only 21st century(we) would listen.

This story, also makes me wonder, will I be like Ezekiel and be ready to be a sign, no matter what that takes?