Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hurricane Beulah!

I had gone to collect my package from the leasing office, when the person incharge asked for my name. The moment he heard it, he was aghast. He looked at me and said 'Beulah?' I said, 'Yeah..?'

I have heard people call me 'Beaulah, Boelah, Buleah, Bola', with a kind of weirdest look in the face, but this guy pronounced it right, but I couldn't figure out, what was wrong now...

'Do you know there was a hurricane by your name? ' Now it was my turn to be stunned. The leasing officer's house was blown away by it and he said, he cried. He was a stout, merry fellow. I din't believe a word of what he said. I said, I will look it up. I did and its true.

In 1967, Hurricane Beulah had stuck Texas. The Mexican coast had the highest 'category 5' hit. The loss was around $1Billion. It had the record highest of 115 Twisters spawned over Texas.

There's so much in this world, that I hardly know about! :(

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I don't find words to say, to what I feel. I know I speak like someone who is in love... I sure am. Am deeply, immersed and soaked, wet and drenched in love. Everywhere I see, I can't help but see miracles! Too wonderful to comprehend.. Its like being 'Princess'! Oh yeah, I sure am!!

It's never a second late, nor a second early. It's all happening exactly at the right time. It's like being constantly cared for, constantly watched, understood, felt, 24/7. Everything falls into place, as I step back and look. I see doors closed for a reason. Doors opening to venture out. I am enjoying this dance. I am loving this tune. Oh, how I feel secure and safe! Oh what a comfort and peace! Its just too amazing!

I pray, that I understand and live like this, till my last breath on earth and how I wish, everyone relish the same experience! Oh is this what 'Joy unspeakable' is? Whew!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Yes, you read it right. It IS Meulah, my evil twin. I was christened at church on Friday, with that name... whenever she takes over me. So here's the deal. Call me Meulah, whenever you see me, stranger than I usualy am. ;) May be angry, irritated, or sad. That's not me. It's Meulah. Give her the due.. and I bet Beulah will be back the next minute! :))

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Follow your heart

I was sitting in the conference room, with bunch of collegues listening to our engagement manager talk about the current IT trends, and our future growth with the present client.

I don't remember all that he said, but at the end, the statement he made, still echoes in my heart. He said "When I was in the University, they said, 'work with your brain', but after 10-15 years of experience, I understand, that it was wrong, it never works. Work with your heart. When you are passionate about anything, your heart, mind, body and soul work togethar in integrity towards it to achieve it. That's when the impossible becomes possible. "

I was kinda pleasantly surprised. To hear such a point blank truth from a board room.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I read this in my bro's Chevening British Scholar Guide for International Students. I bet he never read a sentence!

As per research, the 'W' is how you will feel/your mood will swing, when you get to any new place. You will first be excited to see the new place, meet new people, which will slowly be followed by loneliness, and you feel homesick. You then hit rock bottom in the first dip of the letter 'W'. Then you get along, get used to the change, you make friends, start liking the place and getting settled, you reach the second high in 'W'.

Here's the next downturn, you get back to your homeland, you miss the place you had just been. Miss the friends, the place, people, the lifestyle. Long for it. You hit the second rock bottom..Then you get used to the change, your old life, get settled and reach yr peak high.

I guess, it is applicable to any change a person might have in life. The challenge is never to stay long enough on any of the rock bottoms, but to bounce back with full strength, knowing a low will always have a high following.

Okie, am up on the second high.. and I know what to expect now :)