Thursday, December 8, 2011


'Whoaaaww' I heard my niece exclaiming loudly. I did not turn around. I was typing something on my laptop. She brought my 7 yr old nephew along. And they both were talking in high pitched tones. Suddenly she closed my eyes. She said, ‘Keep on typing’. I stopped after few seconds, and turned around.

They both were giggling. I said, ‘What’s so funny!?’. Both were so excited, they were jumping around and talking at the same time. My niece, then stopped him and said, “YOU can type without seeing the keyboard!”

Oh really? That was news to me. Using the computers for years now, that I never realized I can type without seeing. I bet most of us do that with ease now. I still remember the time, when the keyboard dint make sense. Why dint they put all alphabets in the right order? Searching for each and every alphabet, seemed to take forever especially when you are in a hurry. how I need to extend my little finger and forefinger together to type something like ‘&’. I never learnt typing.

But now, it is so easy. If you ask me, I don’t think I can ‘say’ where each key is. But I ‘know’ where it is. Right from your password! Your finger just moves! It is quite irritating when you use another keyboard, or a different laptop, where your backspace or delete is all messed up. Or talk about using a Mac, where I am back to square one.

So, it leads me to conclude, that you learn, you adapt and you master it. Takes time, and probably effort and difficulty at the beginning. But then a piece of cake. Looking around, can you count the number of things we have learnt, adapted to, and are expert at?


I picked a book, out of sheer curiosity recently. “Power at the Bottom of the well”, Bottom of the well?? I flipped through it, it talked something weird about translational analysis, I was about to put it back, when something caught my eye.

It said, everyone of us have PAC Ego; Parent-Adult-Child ego in us.
P- Parent – That which we inherited from our parents, kind of a rule book. Do this, don’t do that.
A-Adult – Which analyses, understands, and decides based on the finding( much like a computer).
C- Child- which dreams, fantasies, fancies, feels, and responds – a bundle of emotion, faith, and child likeness.
We all have this inherent in us, and we show forth or act in a particular way. If you think Adult ego is the best, you are wrong. It has to be a blend of all 3 egos.

It also talked about 4 types of people.
1. I am ok, you are ok .
2. I am ok, you are not ok. (Prideful)
3. I am not ok, you are ok. ( inferior/self pity)
4. I am not ok, you are not ok. –(depressed)

What am I ? How do I react to others?

I wish I had more time to read it. I told my husband to read it, which I am sure won’t happen. So if you are on a look out for some crazy good books. This one sure, will make an interesting read.

Actions speak louder?

Not really! I was as surprised. ‘Actions speak louder than words’ is true, but more that that it is ‘Reactions speaks louder than Actions!’

Reactions! The first 10 seconds. Your eyes, your lips, your brows, forehead, your tone – reflects them. A reflex action!! You may do something, unwillingly. Without your heart. Without your desire ( do something u hate) without your mind in it. And it shows!

If you are snapping, growling, agitated, it shows. Like a mirror. You may look like an innocent kitten. But it does show! :) The tone with which you speak, reveals. The book said, the communication is 7% Words, 38% Tone of voice and 55% Non-words(Facial expression, Gesture, Posture) This is more true among families, than at work place.

Let the words of my mouth, and the meditations of our heart, be acceptable in your sight, our Lord our Redeemer. Psalms 19:14