Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I dono why, but recently when I read the passage of Judas, where he decides to betray Christ, it occured to me how he would have felt. Satan had entered into him. and you can imagine, how that would have been. CHAOTIC. The struggle, restlessness, all the worst possible ideas, confusion, doubt, fear, anger, despair. He gave in and then finaly gave up his very life.

I am bad in taking decisions ( big or small), thinking on the pros and cons, what might, what may not, working out the permutation and combination, it is a mess(h) of thoughts. But when the thoughts are too overwhelming, and over controlling that it overflows, we are restless, with too much going on in our minds. Yes or a no, to be or not to be. Yickes. It sure drives me crazy.

But I have learnt to understand that Satan loves keeping me confused( he sure is jumping with joy), pouring out doubts and flow of random, irregular thoughts that can tangle me and get me tied up. It can cloud our minds so bad, that it boxes us up, all we are is restless and a wall builds up blocking the face of God. For after all that's his goal to keep us away from God.

So the key is to turn our eyes upon Jesus, to look full in his wonderful face. And the things of the earth will grow strangely dim, In the light of His glory and grace!! Oh the tight situation remains. Being cornered and demanded of a decision.Yes or No. To be or not to be. But inspite of everything, I sure know, that God gives me the peace that surpasses all understanding, the wisdom to discern and the strength to say, not my will, but your will be done and After all, it is he who is holding me, and I can see his smile on his eyes.

and when we praise God, and put on our smile from the heart, inspite of the mess we are in, haha I can see the frown on the face of our foe.