Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Plastic life..

Its not making sense to me. All seem to be vapor. Nothing lasts or is true. Plastic smiles, blank laughters, blunt handshakes. Beating about the bush, getting what one wants, by hook or by crook and then it all ends. The priorities in life now, are not the same in the past, and wont be the same in the future, and then why the dedication, hard work and all the effort into what I think is the most important task at hand, right now!? Then, someone goes past, saying, that can wait till tmw, or next year. When a change, that happens seem to be so overwhelming, that you can never learn to live in the beginning, seems ordinary after few days, month. Its all so dumb.

Lord, come soon. Or take me soon, its bugging here.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


When a sudden strong wind blows, which almost knocks you down, you stabilise,and when you look around, its gone. You wonder, what it was, why it came, and why you weren't guarded then. What happened to the shield? and all the protection? You are not injured, or even bruised, but you cant help thinking, how come and why?

I remember the poem about the footprints on sand (, where He carries you through your toughest times. But now, it seems, I was made to walk!

I bet He would say,
"Well girl, you get numb from being carried for so long,
its high time, you learn to walk!"
and so you learn one of the lessons of life, in an unexpected, strange, unwanted way. But you learn to walk.

Monday, December 22, 2008


When the cool wind blows, nothing remains bright. No smiling flowers, no swaying boughs, no bright colors. The cold suffocates and kills life. The animals go hybernating, the crops fail, people go indoors. It sure is a pretty white, but it covers up everything like a shroud.

I heard about the evergreens at church. The wreath on the door post, is traditionaly made of evergreens. Evergreens, stay green, during the severe cold weather. When everything else struggles and fades away into nothingness. Evergreen endures the harsh weather, and stands as a symbol of something to hope for.

With Christ in our hearts, we can remain green, and be sure we wont/cant die being an evergreen!! When everything around us is hopeless,helpless, and lifeless, we know, that we will thrive amidst it, steady and sturdy, for He sustains us. Whew!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Pain and Suffering.

Had thought they come hand in hand. Until that cold winter morning. We were walking from the parking lot to the office. Its a 2 mins walk, from the car, to the office. My eyes were watering, as the chill wind blew. I was shivering, with a sweater embracing me. And my friend with just a shirt on, was walking with his hands in his pocket. I couldn't help but ask ' Aren't you feeling cold? ' His reply made me stop dead on my tracks. I had to ask him to repeat it, to let it sink into me. He said 'Pain is inevitable, Suffering is optional'.

It seems true. Not just on tht cold winter morning, but all of our life. Our life and the choices we make.