Sunday, April 21, 2013

Flurry of activities...

My baby girl is growing! She smiles at everyone. She sticks out her tongue and blushes so beautifully.

She is getting stronger. She stomps her feet on the rocker. Her hands and feet are always on the move [ in air). I wonder, what she will do, once she starts to walk!

She is a grabber. She can grab the little toy on her rocker. She can hold the rattle for few seconds.

She sucks her fingers. The middle two fingers in her right hand. She also puts her index finger of her left hand.. Sometimes, her mouth is so full of fingers, and saliva! lol. Its funny to see how she steadies her fingers sucking with her left hand at times!

She always has bad hair day.. but I love the way it stands...

She is a big girl now. Her head is almost firm and stands upright. She tries to turn over by herself.. and has succeeded once ( only her hand got caught inside her torso)

Whenever I see her dozing off, I can't help but thank God for such a lovely girl. Thank you Jesus for your love on the cross, for your mercies, for your grace to have this lil one. Help me father, to treat her the right way :)

Friday, April 5, 2013

Where did she learn?

Amy amazes me sometimes..

Where did she learn to suck?
Where did she learn to kick her legs?
Where did she learn to smile?
Where did she learn to suck her fingers?
Where did she learn to smile?

Sure she's helpless most of the time,, Can't move her head as much as she wants to.. Can't talk, or express what she wants.. Can't move around. Can't eat what she wants..

Well she's 3 months old now, and she's gonna learn lot of things soon. She smiles whenever dad talks.. She responds to 'Ohh... oh..', 'apdiya'. she looks into each faces and smiles and giggles.. she blushes with dad too....