Sunday, March 7, 2010

I never knew

Well, I've never seen popcorns being made so far. I have seen the Popcorn guy handing it out. I have seen it magically change in the microwave. But today, I got to see it firsthand.

I never knew the kernels were so small. I never knew the heat could bring out so much good out out of them. I never knew they taste awful, without salt!

I have been muling over for sometime.I never know, why I ended up here. I probably would not. But just because I never knew, it dint exist! ..Lesson learnt 1.I may not know the big picture. I may not understand why. But there are things you may not understand at all 'RIGHT NOW' 2. The heat may be painful enough.. But its good.. Popcorns are good. aren't they? And I know my maker wont let it burn..

PS: I made some chappati today for the church potluck. Not just that, I taught how to make them in my pastor's home. The funny side is, I never knew how to make them 2 months back. I learnt it for dad.. I never knew, the big picture!