Monday, October 13, 2014

Lame excuses

It was Sunday morning, I had milk in the stove, and as I looked up at the morning sun way up from the window, I realized I was processing. I wasn’t admiring the sun, the sunshine or the pretty flowers that wave just outside the stove window. I wasn’t even thinking about the milk or Amy. I was processing ‘why I wasn’t in church’. I had too many reasons. Could I have gone? I think yes, it was just amy and me at home. I am known for getting ready, and getting Amy ready in less than an hr. So what were my excuses- Still plenty. 1,2,3,4,5,.. I can tell you it was not in sequence. It was all jumbled up, and I had every reason to stay home.

To give you a sample – Amy slept at 2, Amy woke up in the middle. She’ll be cranky if I wake her up. I have to feed her something. Meaning I need to cook something. No time. Feeding Amy will take time, and it is already late. Service would have started. She will play with people around her. She won’t let anyone listen to the message. She will be cranky. She may sleep in my bike. It is too hot outside.

Huh. It may be true. Or half true. But even then, it still is pretty lame. Lol. I dint even have anyone to give these lame excuses to, but still the mind processes.

When I see around, I see lot of people that way. With excuses. With very lame excuses. Not doing what they can do. Getting up early is one good one 

Excuses are aplenty. It is funny- how your mind works- even before something happen.. if you are not ‘inclined’ to it. What are you giving today?

Amy's litmus test

Give Amy anything. She tests it first. If she likes it, she will do a little Amy dance. She will shake her shoulders, and body like a see-saw. And move her legs in a circle,her giggle and laughter is so sweet.

Once she holds any new thing- she immediately puts in on the ground, and slowly sits on it  If it is big, and a little hard, voila, she is on it! It is funny how careful she is, as she sits. Its even funnier, when the stuff she sits on, gives away and down she falls. If the test passes, she smiles beautifully.

I wish I do that too… I mean not sit on it, but as my friend Carol said, check if God approves it, and then do it. Even if it is as silly as buying a pencil!

I think I should name this blog ‘the pencil test’!

Get out!

Well, I agree that it is not a nice word to teach Amy. But that just slipped my tongue, when I was telling her the Creation story.
Adam, Eve story climax – ended with the punishment of disobeying, and them being thrown out of the Garden of Eden. So I said, God said ‘Get out’.

Though I know, she doesn’t know what it means, she now says ‘get out’, whenever I ask her, ‘what did God say.’
So we begin the story, and I say what did God say, ( to create the universe) she says, with bright eyes ‘Get out, bye bye tata’. And that ends are storytime too..

But thank God, he did not let the story end there. I am so thankful of the promise he gave them- even in the curse! The power of his love, to redeem the world started way back in the garden.
How amazing is that!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

No mercy

No mercy. No surrender. No retreat. No prisoners.. Now what could that be? That was the ad in a WB movie channel for the movie '300'. Oh my my.. I have seen the movie earlier.. Thanks to my memory.. i dont remember much of it except that it was violent :)

But that ad, wanted me to see it. again. The curiosity is triggered, the visuals are powerful, the words are powerful enough, to make you think for a second! Take any ad for that matter, Tvs. Mobiles, drinks. accessories, cars. Acs. Especially food!

Afforable? May be? But it creates the curiosity, longing, eagerness. For someone who was neutral earlier, after seeing the advertisement is bound to have an inclination to it.

How much of an adventure is in the Bible? PLENTY. Victories, Fall of Kingdoms. Stories. Lessons learnt. Incidents. Miracles. Twists. Climaxes. Failures. Impossible stuff. Mind blowing incidents. Unexpected endings. A paradigm shift many times over. Oh my my.. and how many devour the bible voraciously? You have so many translations of Bible. So many Apps. Audio Bible. Large print, For kids, For women. For working moms. For Men. For toddlers! and the best of translator - the Holy Spirit! Yet, I still find many of my friends, who have not even read the full bible atleast once. Why are there no advertisements?

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Weeee Weee Weeds!

Does anyone plant weeds in their own garden? Silly isn’t it. No one with the right sense would! But a weed needs no special care or effort. It just grows.. Leave the land idle for a while, you get weeds and thorns- in no time!

But on the other hand, a garden- needs lot of effort. Watering the plants, tilling the soil, fertilizing the soil, Pruning, ensuring sufficient sunlight is available for all the plants.. and yes as mom would say it- talking to the plants too! You take conscious effort for all the above. When weeds show up, you remove it- promptly. You discipline yourself, you put effort, time, care, and heart into it.

This analogy that I read in a book, and also in the Bible, is daunting reminder- of how our lives- left to itself could mess up so bad. Weeds do show up, but if you do nothing, it could take over the entire garden. If I am not closer with the Lord, and not disciplining myself to read His word, follow the Spirit’s prompting, pray earnestly, weeds could take over no time. No doubt about it.

Can’t bask in the Lord’s blessing all the time. Can’t relax, taking the Lord’s grace for granted. I need to be on my toes. To love the Lord with all my heart, all my soul, mind and strength!