Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fading face

I have seen Amy everyday, everyday of her life. And everyday she keeps changing.. She is bigger now. Her hair has grown so much, if pulled in front, it touches her eyes! Her hands, legs have grown too.. Her face has changed a lot since her birth.

But try as I might, to remember her face - or how she looked few months back, its blank.. All I remember is my lil girl, as she is now. Yes, the photos help.. but still my memory fails. I can't remember the things she used to do too..

Her current playtime goes like this. She is on her back, and uses both her feet like matchstick. She presses hard on her feet and pushes them! She puts her arms out, as if she is riding a bicycle! and then, in a flash she turns over.. Her hands get stuck a little, but she manages to balance herself.

I hope I cherish each day, and remember all her stunts!


I remember Amy waking up to the sounds of squirrels and birds during her first month. Chithi used to say that they come and say good morning to her. I would be nursing her, and suddenly there would be a squirrel chattering and Amy would open her eyes wide and look around and push her head to the sound of the noise. Boy, how I hated the squirrels and birds at that moment. Later, I realised, that they were infact up and thanking the Lord with their little voices and I shouldn't be mad at them.. But it was crazy when all you want is your newborn to sleep, and then she waking up at the birds song.
I then closed the curtains, at 5 AM, before Amy or the birds could wake up!

Dad's house is located near the dead end of our road, hence practically not much vehicles pass by. Hence not much noises. Just the sounds of the gate opening, and occasional truck passing by, and I was mad, whenever those woke her up.

We moved to our house on May 11th 2013, and our house is on the corner of 2 streets. Making it the most busiest road. Cycles, motorbikes, autos, vans, pass by every hour, even after midnight! And our bedroom does not block out all the noise. Amy was wide awake the entire night the first day we came. I was helpless. Seeing her sleep filled eyes, yet a honk or a vrooom waking her up every 10 mins was too much! The gate squeeking at dad's house was much better! To get her accustomed to the noises, we took her walking. We had just crossed a shop, where they began to drill some hole. It was so loud that lil Amy started crying. This was a weird cry. Not out of pain ( like injection), but out of fear. Thatha did not know what to do. Neither did I. We tried and consoled her and she seemed ok after 10 mins.

Its been 2 weeks now. She has got used to the honking, and vroooming of the vehicles. She even got used to the loud snore of thatha! I am glad Amy is adapting and getting used to different things of the worlds. I am proud of her.

Thank you Lord for teaching me to adapt too! Love you!