Monday, November 30, 2009

I thought I loved Ratatouille!

It was monday morning and our maid/cook had not turned up. I hurriedly cooked breakfast for dad and bro. Idly, chutney. I brushed my teeth and got back into kitchen only to find, 1 idly missing. There were scratch marks on almost all the idlies. The missing one, was on the floor. I was stunned. I got so mad. I looked around nothing.

I remembered Ratatouille, and it dint make me feel a wee bit better. I trashed all of the Idlies and started all over. I was running late. My anger was rising. I couldn't grasp the fact, that I am redoing stuff, and I probably would be late for office, due to one dumb rat! And to know, he would have that much courage to get his mouth into the food, I had just prepared! What does he think of himself? How could he? In my kitchen! Yuck!!

I was still mad, as I briefed about it to dad, and bro. They were shocked too. In my hurry, I dropped 1 idly on the floor.. and it went flat, just like the first one. There were other marks too, due to the plate on the dough that had risen, and made rough marks. Could it be? Huh.. I have no idea.. Dad dint comment, but he only said, there are no rodents around in kitchen.

Strange, how something can shoot up my anger in an instant. Funny, how I can fall for something so silly!

Monster within me...

No, I am not talking about Meulah here. 'Monsters within me' was a program on Discovery Channel, which I saw the other day. It was about a guy whose brain was half dead due to a germ. Numerous scans, tests, medicines lead to nothing. Doctors struggle to find the cause, and the cure.

Finaly they get to realise that the germ had entered him, due to a food poison. They track the food to a restaurant, where the guy and his friends ( 9 students in all) had had a sumptuous dinner, the last night of their study trip. Ask me, what they ordered. You'll be surprised. It was through salad, that they contacted this deadly germ. ( Rat lungworm)

Salad, that we consider as the natural, healthy food! Well, I couldn't bring myself to watch the rest of the program. The disease that has no cure. Yickes.From a seemingly harmless 'salad'!

'There, but for the grace of God, go I'