Sunday, July 29, 2012

I love my mommy!

My mom was my best friend. She knew all about me, and we talked, laughed, and discussed about everything under the sun.   But now I realize, we dint talk about many things. Now I have a list of questions to ask, had she been around, I would have bombarded her with my queries.  I wonder how she would have answered. Her point of view. What she thought about things.  How she handled, reacted to situations.  What she would warn me about. What her guidance would be..

Looking back, I realize she has taught me a lot. She taught me to smile always. To be positive and trusting God in each and every situation.  She taught me to forgive people instantly and forget the bad things. Not to make fun of anyone. To be happy in any situation. To respect others.  To be honest. To enjoy each other fully.  And I take great pride, when people tell me, that I resemble my mom. Isn't that something?

But will I be a good one like my mother? I seriously doubt.  I hope and pray that God helps me to be one! 

Stealing friends!

My brother does that.  Many of my friends, school and college and workplace, have turned out to be good friends of his!   He not only stole my friend, but my elder brother’s friends as well.  It feels so awkward, to be in the sidelines.
But I guess, that’s how we should be. Not in the limelight, or at the center, but in the sidelines, to let the Master take over. How often do I like that?


Its so easy to spread poison- just a drop is enuf.

A little thought. A small word. A little grimace.  And that's all that's required.

But spreading fragrance - needs much more than that. The Axe effect would last, only as long as  you keep spraying... To keep your minds tuned, synced up, and in constant practice.  Demands lot more effort, lot more thoughts, lot more words, lot more people, to keep you going. 


I don't remember who, but some one said, that I had a 'wonderful way while growing up!' Looking back, I see how true it is.

Having such wonderful parents, I had such a gift that I need to thank God daily for. Mom was never in a bad mood. I have never seen her angry at dad. ( I wish she was there to teach me how!) She always had a smile for everyone. She voiced her thoughts easily ( Guess I got that in me :P) She was talented, wise, and patient.

I have the best dad too! Strongly rooted in Christ, he has taught me by his life and his words. The family prayer time, has been the blessed time I had ever known since childhood. I can safely say, that I got saved in living room, years ago, as a kid. His daily dosage of mission stories, anecdote, his childhood stories, has laid a strong foundation in Christ. To know, that Dad is calm amidst the storm, is so reassuring and sometimes, very unnerving!  

I have wonderful brothers, to fight, to argue, to discuss, to blame, to admire, to be proud of, to punch and to get punched.  

I thank God for an amazing, exciting, beautiful, too wonderful childhood! 

Be at it, Beat it !!

I was a voracious reader then. Ready to devour any books I can lay my hands on. I had a friend at school, and she always beat me reading any novel.  I must have been in Class 8, when our neighbor lent me the book by Norman Vincent Peale. The power of positive thinking. I guess that paved a good foundation in my childhood.
So when I heard it again at office last week, I was intrigued. Be at it, Beat it. It was a session by a Police officer. I was all ears.  So what did he say?
Breathe in positive and breathe out the negative.  You can't keep seeding, but have to do the weeding.  Only positive cannot survive for long, but the conscious effort of removing the negative, must be at work, to effectively live.
It was quite interesting.  He gave the acronym All time Meditation for ATM, and asked us to practice in anyway the VAKUM - Visual,Audio,Kinethetics,Understanding,Modeling.

He also talked about how our soceity has built its foundation on SPI - Substance, Performance and Image, whereas it should be IPS, making your foundation on belief, character, attitude and then comes Performance ( skill) and then the Substance( Money etc). That leads to "Be more, Do more, have more. "

and so here's some of the tantra. 

Be calm, Beat Anger
Be strong, beat weakness.
Be joyful, beat sorrow.
Be successful, beat failure
Be selfcontrolled, beat smoking.