Thursday, November 30, 2017


Shame on me, not a single post on Andre.

She makes me laugh. She's so funny. I'll probably put in stuff that she does here in this post. I wish I had done this earlier.

She says mumum. If she wants food.
She can now say thani for water.
She's a climber. She climbs on every possible stuff.
She likes to wear pant. Only. Amma pant she chants repeatedly. She loves to wear Amy's dress. She likes to imitate Amy. They both wear my dupatta in head with a hairband and pose like princesses.
When anyone scolds andrea, she says Amy,Amy kakka, or whoever it is. She's so cute that she escapes any


If love is a emotion, how can it be commanded?   for that's what Jesus did .
The greatest commandment? To love God and to love man.

Isn't that strange? My friend asked.

Love infact is an intentional decision. God loved us, not because we are good. It's his nature and he wanted to love us, in the first place.

We love our neighbor, when we make intentional decision to do so. Love is a choice you make. To love another person. Or neat.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Why must a girl leave her parents?

I had an interesting conversation today at lunch with Kashyap. His question was
1. Why should we marry?

2. Why should a girl leave the parents?

The first question has answer that was straight forward. God planned it. God ordained it. It was from God.
The second was quite obvious, but really? We looked at two examples from the Bible. Rebekah and Leah- Rachel.
Both left their father's family. But why?

Then he asked this question
3. Why did Abraham give gifts, or why did Jacob work for FOURTEEN years to get Rachel?

He then paralleled what Jews do in their wedding and said, question 3 has answer in the New testament. Baffled, we tried to relate.. and then he said, the Church -the bride has to leave the world, and then the puzzle fell into place. Christ paid the price. He bought the bride with his precious blood.

So that means
Christ paid the prize to get his Bride.The Bride leaves the worldly ways. Christ has full authority on the Bride.Bride is not treated as a servant, or object but as a partner. Body of Christ.

Husband pays to get his Wife. The wife leaves her family. Husband has full authority on the wife. Wife is a helpmate. They are one body.

What a sequel.
Christ loved the Church (Eph 5:25)
So the mantle, actually falls on the husbands. and thus submitting to the husband becomes easy peasy.

and the Bible, repeats this story, of husband paying the price to get his wife. [Hosea]

aah, but wait, where did the dowry system come from? Its time for the young men to wake up.. and for the married men, too, to pay back, if they had been bought! :P

Saturday, May 20, 2017


Have you seen water faucet trickling down even when fully opened. It's time to check the water tank or clean the filter.

When I did open after great difficulty, as the salty water and rust had made it real tight, I was in for a surprise. The filter was covered with salt sediments. It was good for nothing. I used an old toothbrush to clean it and put it under the water. V! it was good as new.

I bet, that's exactly what happens to our mind with so much of thoughts and input  processing with constant usage. 😂

Time to sit at his feet and get your clogged mind clean up. Free and clear to be useful to all.

A Pig? or a cat?

My dad uses this story quite so often, that it got imbibed in me.

How long does a cat take to bounce back,when fallen into gutter? A quick nano second, it will scamper as fast as it could.
A pig, will wallow in it. Who are you? dad would ask.

You cast your burdens, and scamper away. No more thinking about the incident. What not, how could. You live for the day. One day at a time.

Of course the cat would lick its whole body, even if it was only a tip of the tail that was in the gutter. And for that, as we soak in God's presence, he transforms us by the renewing of our mind.
Hallelujah! That's why his yoke is easy. 😎