Friday, December 25, 2009


Watched 10,000 BC on TV today. Weird they put it on Christmas day. But found something similar. A prophesy being fulfilled in the hero of the story, who saves many tribes.

Now, back to the hero of Christmas, what IF we did not have Christ? No hope of eternal life, no joy, no love, no saviour. God would have been a distant mighty force or energy, angry and so very remote.

But with the birth of Jesus, things changed. For he has given us the authority to call GOD, the Almighty God 'the FATHER', to understand His fatherly love for us. In Jesus, we have the priviledge to relate to Him, in our pain, sorrow, loneliness, failure and betrayal. Through his Spirit, he just dwells with us!

What a wonderful gift! The FREE gift, which gives us the freedom to live abundantly! Yipppee!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The woman of my life

I wrote this in 2006, for the Women's day Contest in my prior office. It won a Rs 200, gift voucher and 2 tickets to any movie, I wanted to. (I never redeemed it. :( )

She is my love
We share same flesh and blood
She is my strength
My power unleashed
I am proud she is mine

She can feel my pain
My joy, anger and strength
She can speak my thoughts
My secrets, likes and dislikes
I am proud she is mine

She understands my feelings
My frustration, excitement
She knows my dreams
My wants and passion
I am proud she is mine

Beautiful is her hair
I shall always admire
Sweet is her smile
I'll try to imitate
Yup! she’s my mom

I’ve seen her work tirelessly
From sunrise to sunset
Without resentment or bitterness

I’ve seen her fight back her tears
Shoulder responsibility
Care for neighbors

I’ve seen her inner strength
To fight terminal disease
To undergo pain and hardship

I’ve seen her love unconditionally
To love others more than herself
To sacrifice and to forgive

I’ve seen her give relentlessly
Hope, joy and strength
Freedom and love.

Now, I see that she has built in me
A good handwriting,
A good character!

I am proud I am hers!

Mom loved every word of it, and pestered Dad so much, to get it framed! She took pride in showing it off to every single person, who visited home, to such an extent, that I felt awkward the moment she turned her attention to the framed pic. But now am glad, really glad, that I wrote what I felt then.

Thank you!

I know, we are well past the Thanksgiving, so I was as intrigued as you, when a friend of mine posed this question after work today. 'When do you say thanks?' . We replied, that it was when we are happy, or when we have got something/some favor.

He then asked us, when did Jesus say thanks. When did Jesus say thanks? Did he say it? Yes, he did. He thanked for every food, for 5 loaves- 2 fishes, he thanked when Lazurus was in the tomb.

Strange isn't it? He has thanked BEFORE the big events. Not after. We do after. What made him say thanks well before? He knew for sure, what was going to happen.

How much faith do we have on what's gonna happen in 2010? Do we have the same assurance and faith to say thanks well beforehand?

1Thess 5:18give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God