Friday, September 25, 2009


If you had read my prev blogs, you would know, that to cheer myself up, I often look at the skies, the shapely clouds, moon, bright flowers, swaying trees and even ripe tomatoes! They make me realise how wonderful the Creator is mindful of small things.

I realised last week, that if I have eyes, which don't need a specs/contact lens, or ears that dont need a hearing aid, nose which don't need oxygen mask or any help of inhalers, a mouth with no false teeth or an ulcer, a hand that has no shooting pain, a leg that needs no crutches or a swollen knee, a heart with no hole, or when I have no headache or when I am not taking any injections, when I am not taking ANY tablets, or when I have never stepped into a hospital for a month or so ( for me or my loved ones) I can be SUPER EXCITED! Instantly! :)

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