Friday, December 25, 2009


Watched 10,000 BC on TV today. Weird they put it on Christmas day. But found something similar. A prophesy being fulfilled in the hero of the story, who saves many tribes.

Now, back to the hero of Christmas, what IF we did not have Christ? No hope of eternal life, no joy, no love, no saviour. God would have been a distant mighty force or energy, angry and so very remote.

But with the birth of Jesus, things changed. For he has given us the authority to call GOD, the Almighty God 'the FATHER', to understand His fatherly love for us. In Jesus, we have the priviledge to relate to Him, in our pain, sorrow, loneliness, failure and betrayal. Through his Spirit, he just dwells with us!

What a wonderful gift! The FREE gift, which gives us the freedom to live abundantly! Yipppee!


Kingsly said...

Living By His Gift..

monART said...

Nice how you've seen the similarity with the movie, yes indeed what a great gift. It changed Everything. He changes everything. May 2010 be a wonderful year and may you be able to see all the presents that Jesus has spread on your adventureous way with Him ;-)

Nebeula said...

Thank you for that beautiful wish! I bet I am geared up for the adventure -2010! Here I come!

May God bless you and your family to be a blessing to many! Loved your crafts in yr blog. Loved yr creativity!