Thursday, July 4, 2013

Thatha's chellam

Dad had terrible cold( thanks to standing outside the hospital in that cold January morning 1 AM! - He couldn't bear listening to me screaming my heart out!) that he could not carry the baby till he got rid of the cold. Moreover Amy was wee little then.

After Chithi, athai had left, it was just me and dad to take care of Amy. Right from giving her a bath, or lulling her to sleep, it was just us. Dad talked all the time, and Amy loved to hear him. After 3rd month, she started smiling at dad. Whenever dad is around, she smiles, laughs and giggles. For every picture taken, I tell dad to do something to make her laugh and she does!

When we have the family prayer, she keeps looking at dad. When he sings, she smiles, when he reads the Bible, she stares at him, without blinking. when he prays, she never takes her eyes off him. If he is moving his hand, or leg or head, that's where she'll be looking at! If he eats, she'll be staring at his mouth! If he is in the room, it is hard to get her to look at me or eat!

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