Tuesday, April 17, 2018


I had landed in Houston on Sunday evening. Barely out of the jet lag and still groggy, my office hours went by quickly. Wednesday my teammates leave to Florida for vacation for the Thanksgiving weekend. Alone without SSN, any cash,card, phone friends or family, I felt stranded.

I borrow a phone from my roommate and quite conscious of making a long distance call from someone else phone I make my talk quick with my mom.  I tell her, that I am fine. She was undergoing chemo and I could only choke at my tears and finish the call, before mom finds me crying. I decide to take a walk in the park next door. Cold and alone I am fighting tears, my emotions run high. 4 days alone in the first weekend in US. No one even to talk to. I cry my heart out in the bench. There's noone in the park.

I lift my eyes to wipe my tear and see a bird darting across. I stare and smile. If God could feed the birds, here today and gone tomorrow, how precious I am! I rush back to my apartment. I pull a paper and pen. I list down all that I don't have.
Moms food
Then I made a list of things I did have
A roof above my head.
A roommate
Food in the fridge
Utensils in the kitchen
Fully functioning kitchen
Someone to pick and drop me from airport ( I had my manager, and two teammates come!)
My viral fever was gone since I had landed
My cold was nill.
I had legs that could walk, eyes that see
And on and on I wrote and my list was 7:22, I think.
Looking at it back, I just tore it up and laughed. God I have so much to be thankful for and I am going to be! I was grinning ear to ear.

My search for church then begun.

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