Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"Are you Committed? ...

...I hope not, because i have a major crush on you ...." Was a question directly posed through a personal orkut message to my dear friend . He's a tall, handsome guy. If looks can kill, he's the one...

I was all ears, to know how he responded. Here's his reply.

"Yes. I am commited to Jesus Christ.Why? Because he stuck with me and saw me through my worst days. When my parents couldn't understand what I went through. Nor my friends. The fears, the anxieties that I went through; he saw me through it all. He has invested so much in me . I am what I am because of his Grace.

The Bible says in Jer 29:11, that God has a plan for me, plan to prosper me and give me a future.

He created me. He knows me inside out .
He knows the best person for me.
When the time is right, he will let me know that person too.

Do u know him?
Do u know, what his plan is for ur life ?

If not get to know him.
He will be the Best Friend, u will ever have.
He will take u places, u have never been.

Crushes come crushes Go.
God remains the same.
I will change. But God won't.
He knows you, better than what you understand of urself [:)]

This is what i believe"

Disclaimer: The above have been the exact response given to/by my friend, published in his knowledge, under my request, as I believe you should read it. :) . Except for few punctuations, no other changes have been made.


Vivek said...

Beul.. Title gave a gr8 buildup.. nenachen..ippadi ethavathu than irrukum'nu Hmmm ;)

Beulah Evelyn said...

Whoa!!! Looks and great attitude...He should be any Girl's best bet....

Lavee said...

Ummm....thought this post wud have been flooded with requests from gals asking to meet this perfect man, hee hee!

Do tell your friend people like Him are rare and much prized by our Lord....He's gotta tough but amazingly praise-worthy life waiting!