Monday, December 22, 2008


When the cool wind blows, nothing remains bright. No smiling flowers, no swaying boughs, no bright colors. The cold suffocates and kills life. The animals go hybernating, the crops fail, people go indoors. It sure is a pretty white, but it covers up everything like a shroud.

I heard about the evergreens at church. The wreath on the door post, is traditionaly made of evergreens. Evergreens, stay green, during the severe cold weather. When everything else struggles and fades away into nothingness. Evergreen endures the harsh weather, and stands as a symbol of something to hope for.

With Christ in our hearts, we can remain green, and be sure we wont/cant die being an evergreen!! When everything around us is hopeless,helpless, and lifeless, we know, that we will thrive amidst it, steady and sturdy, for He sustains us. Whew!

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