Tuesday, December 23, 2008


When a sudden strong wind blows, which almost knocks you down, you stabilise,and when you look around, its gone. You wonder, what it was, why it came, and why you weren't guarded then. What happened to the shield? and all the protection? You are not injured, or even bruised, but you cant help thinking, how come and why?

I remember the poem about the footprints on sand (, where He carries you through your toughest times. But now, it seems, I was made to walk!

I bet He would say,
"Well girl, you get numb from being carried for so long,
its high time, you learn to walk!"
and so you learn one of the lessons of life, in an unexpected, strange, unwanted way. But you learn to walk.


Lavee said...

Hi! Wandered in here after all the flattering comments you left on my page...and didn't regret it a moment! You say I write well? Girl look at u?

I took the same subject and wrote an epic ('When Heaven Is Silent') that probably turned ppl off halfway thru...and here u are saying all tht I did and so much more in such a meaningful way in just a few lines! This is a wonderful gift and I'm very very jealous!

Keep up the good work cos I'm gonna drop in often now...and yeah, I'm game to meet up too!

Nebeula said...

You have a talent with words, in expressing the reality so vividly. That's your speaciality. :)

Huh, my friends, even my bro cant get past 2 lines. So I condense, and at times, loose much of what I wanted to say. :( Yup, am sure gonna, keep track. You can meet few of good bloggers, I met here too. They are good :)