Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I don't find words to say, to what I feel. I know I speak like someone who is in love... I sure am. Am deeply, immersed and soaked, wet and drenched in love. Everywhere I see, I can't help but see miracles! Too wonderful to comprehend.. Its like being 'Princess'! Oh yeah, I sure am!!

It's never a second late, nor a second early. It's all happening exactly at the right time. It's like being constantly cared for, constantly watched, understood, felt, 24/7. Everything falls into place, as I step back and look. I see doors closed for a reason. Doors opening to venture out. I am enjoying this dance. I am loving this tune. Oh, how I feel secure and safe! Oh what a comfort and peace! Its just too amazing!

I pray, that I understand and live like this, till my last breath on earth and how I wish, everyone relish the same experience! Oh is this what 'Joy unspeakable' is? Whew!!

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