Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hurricane Beulah!

I had gone to collect my package from the leasing office, when the person incharge asked for my name. The moment he heard it, he was aghast. He looked at me and said 'Beulah?' I said, 'Yeah..?'

I have heard people call me 'Beaulah, Boelah, Buleah, Bola', with a kind of weirdest look in the face, but this guy pronounced it right, but I couldn't figure out, what was wrong now...

'Do you know there was a hurricane by your name? ' Now it was my turn to be stunned. The leasing officer's house was blown away by it and he said, he cried. He was a stout, merry fellow. I din't believe a word of what he said. I said, I will look it up. I did and its true.

In 1967, Hurricane Beulah had stuck Texas. The Mexican coast had the highest 'category 5' hit. The loss was around $1Billion. It had the record highest of 115 Twisters spawned over Texas.

There's so much in this world, that I hardly know about! :(


Nebeula said...

check this out! An 1876 hymn song called Beulah land :)

Huh! there's one more Beulah land song!

Nebeula said...

huuhh! there's a place called Beulah in North Dakota!! haha

Vidu said...

There is a place even in Michigan,_Michigan

you are quite famous :)