Monday, June 15, 2009

"Burnt chicken"

That was a comment made by my close friend/collegue. We were in a really bad situation. Things were going awry, from bad to worse, and we had no say. Everything was happening quickly and in the wrong direction. The team was becoming the scapegoat.

I told my friend, that we were facing the heat, but we will come out as gold refined in fire. He replied, 'Beulah, do you know what happens to chicken if it is put in too much of heat?'. We laughed. This was 2 years back. I wouldn't say it was a happy ending, but definitely we dint get burnt.

Its the toughest, when you are on fire, when there is no possible wayout, and nothing solid to hold on to. But the only comfort is that, the one who is holding you in fire, is watching over you intently, without slumber. Afterall, it is his apple of the eye, who is on fire!


Kingsly said...

Great Post!!!
He also walks with us in fire.

Nits said...
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Nits said...

thats a new look to ur blog :)!!!!
really good Beuls :)