Saturday, February 13, 2010


Well, that was the pwd given to me at work in Nov 2007. I was told, I can't change it the first two days. I had to use this pwd for accessing ALL my stuff. I had to write it down, memorise it so that I dint lock my account.

Well, at the end of two days, I had used it for nearly for 50-60 times, that it was imprinted on my memory. Believe it or not, I dint change it for the next 4 months! :D

Now after 2 years, I still remember it.. Knowing my capacity for memory, you know that it is an achievement. Its funny, that certain things stick with us.

Certain things/people look complex and difficult at first.. but then, you get around it.....

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Kingsly said...

Amazing post!!!

You are a great writer...