Friday, February 12, 2010

Love language

I am with a bunch of friends, who speak different languages. Gujarati, Hindi, Telugu, Haryana. I try to make out what they are trying to say, and end up having no clue. Today, I laughed when everyone laughed, and even ventured to interpret what they said. Everyone had a good ribtickling laughter, as they heard my interpretation. I was badly, madly, entirely wrong!

Talking of different language, Mike said about 'Love Language'. This is unique for every one in the planet. How you show your love,to the one you love. One may show love by buying a gift, or doing some chores, or hugging, or spending time, a caring, understanding or encouraging word, or cooking.

And here comes the tough part. To show love, you need to speak the love language of the other person you love. Else it will be like Greek to the other person, and Hindi to the other.

What language do u speak to your mom, dad, brothers, sisters, loved ones, friends? Yours or theirs??

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