Friday, April 30, 2010


Near our balcony ( Am on the 3rd floor), we have this huge tree, that is blooming with flowers. The flowers are pure white, and are as big as the size of my palm.

There are hundreds of buds on that tree and nearly every morning, I come to the balcony with the hope of seeing a white tree, full of the pretty white flowers. It's been few weeks, but no. I get to see one or may be 2 white flowers, the rest are happy to remain as buds. Why don't they bloom quickly! I am running out of patience!

Oh yes, they die as quickly as they bloom too, the petal dry sticking to the flower, and get brown like brownies :( It looks sad, but I know, they can't live forever, just as how we can't. And just as each flower blooms at its own time, we all have our own time to bloom in our life! But whenever they do, they are the prettiest bunch ever! Oh am so blessed to see this Magnolia everyday, to remind me!

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Kingsly said...

Good One!!

I have seen once a bud blossom took nearly four hours...