Monday, May 3, 2010

Mirror mirror on the wall,

IF you had known me personally, you would know by now, my 2 great weaknesses.
1. Memory.- I can't remember what I had for breakfast, few minutes back.
2. getting up early- Being a nite owl, it has always been a struggle.

This was such a Monday morning, when I had snoozed the alarm for an hour, got up late, and hastily getting ready. I was combing by long hair HURRIEDLY, that I stopped short seeing the image in the mirror in front of me. I peered into my image in the mirror. I felt like seeing my mom. I don't have her lips, was it the cheek? eyes perhaps? brows? may be forehead? I am not sure.

I also catch myself doing things that my mom used to. The way she used the knife for mixing food, the dosa, the salt, sambar. I knew what she would say, on any situation. She wasn't around, she wasn't seeing, but I knew, and I do, even though she aint looking! Strange.

Remember looking at any baby and saying, she resembles her dad/mom? Well,I guess, that's what God expects too. To be in his image. To do what he would want us to.

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Kingsly said...

Well Said!!

That was a wonderful reminder..