Sunday, June 13, 2010

Just around the corner

More than I spend watching my face on the mirror, I spend lot of time online. Today, as I checked my messages on FB, I was horrified to read about a memorial service for a friend I had just chatted with last week. What on earth, was that! He was probably 23.

I know he is in heaven, happy with the Lord but what strikes me hard and strong, is how sudden, and how unexpected. How many do I chat with per day? What if... ( I HATE to complete that) How fragile and futile our life is! You step out on the streets, and you just never know! Forget the streets, in your own kitchen, I was thinking about all of it, and got my finger burnt. Freak/Fatal accidents can happen anytime! It's purely by God's grace that I am breathing.

What is important in life? Thoughts of what to eat for dinner today, what to wear to work for tmw, my appraisal next year, my savings this year, my career goals, what kind of house, car, health, family? Well, NONE of it is going to come with us when we die. How much prepared I am for the eternal life, and how many of my friends? In the light of an unexpected death, of me(you), or my(your) closest family or my (your) closest friends, or friends, could we bravely say, that I(u)/he/she is in heaven? What am I working towards..?