Saturday, June 5, 2010


Well, I have resisted change all my life. So when my new roomate moved in, I wasn't so sure. And we were so very different. Food, language, lifestyle, hobbies, likes, dislikes, interests, expectations, everything was different.

But looking back at the 3 months she was here, I have had nothing but fun. We did all crazy things togethar. Shopping, eating out, walking, stories we shared, movies we saw, or just the talks on and on, and boy, she is a great cook! Our favorite show on TV is the AFV. We could see that for hours again and again. ROFL literally.

Its been like a cool breeze, that was soothing, gentle and quick enough. I thank God for giving a good friend. I am not sure, how she'll respond when she knows about this blog, she's up in the flight flying home. Its been just 3 hours, and I already miss her!

'Change is good! - from Freshman Father

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