Thursday, September 29, 2011

My comb!

My family will easily recognize this. It is MY blue comb. No one can use it. No one will. I have used it for more than 4 years. My mom hated it so much to the extend, she threatened she would hide/throw it away! She wanted me to use this only to remove the tangles and then use a fine comb to comb by long hair. But where do I have all that leisure time? I had no time, that I was combing my hair on the way to work, in the car pool. Now I have been banished to comb hair in my car, owning to the fact, I am donating all my hair in the car.

Now back to the comb story! My family turns into a search party every morning. I keep losing my blue comb. I have been so used to it, that without that, I can’t comb my hair at all! So we all search. The best finders are my mom, dad and niece. They seem to know exactly where I left. ( My husband is joining the club soon) Without doubt I get scolded everytime they find it.( except from my niece). So what makes me write this? Well, I lost it this weekend, I found that I lost on Sunday morning, getting ready for Church. After church I searched, and couldn’t find anywhere. Being a small home, it is easy to find things, and when I dint find it, I thought I missed it in the car or at office on Saturday. I felt bad. More than 4 years, and I lost it? No matter how much I pacified my heart, my mind kept thinking about it.

Monday I find it in my purse! You can’t believe the happiness I had, when I saw the blue thing! I would have yelled on the top of my voice. But thankfully I couldn’t. I was in the railway station, trying to get something out from my purse. ( I swear I looked into the purse more than 20 times this weekend) Anyway, what is even more strange is that, the same weekend, I had lost my debit card. I dint look for it till now. Dad called and said I had got a letter from the bank with the card and enquired if I lost anything. I said no, and looked into my purse.. I had not had my debit card for past 4-5 days! And I can tell you I wasn’t panicking. But praise God, the account was intact.

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