Thursday, September 29, 2011

Soaking wet and bubbling!

It was the usual busy morning, 7.40 AM I was running to catch my carpool. . The moment I stepped outside, I was pleasantly surprised. There was no sun. There was a cool breeze. It was cloudy, dark skies. I should have worried if it would rain, I had no umbrella, but today I was not. My cell phone beeped. More bad news, my car pool friend on leave. Now I have to take a motorbike, a bus and an auto to reach office! 3 modes of transport, probably 90 mins of travel.

I had all the reasons to be grumpy. ( I was cranky at home, and dint even talk to Sathish this morning) But things changed, in a second. I was happy. I was excited. The wind blowing made me happy and I started thanking God singing, ‘Thank you Lord for such a beautiful day, reminds me of the love you gave to me, I wanna reflect your love to the people that I meet, today!’ Everyone on the road was in a hurry ( afraid it would pour- coz it was really dark lowlying clouds!) But I was smiling, I was relaxed, and going pretty slow, enjoying the ride. I said, I don’t wanna miss this beautiful weather! The wind was ghostly. It pushed all the mud and dirt in the air. I couldn’t open my eyes to clearly to see the road. I had sand in my eyes. But still I was singing. ( It got me wondering, what got into me!)

It started pouring half way through. I was wet. Soaking wet. Our roads need just a 5 mins constant rain to have puddles all over the road. It was muddy water. I had to leave my vehicle, jump the puddles and wade through dirty water to catch the bus. God sent a good bus at the right time. I was happy to get a seat. But only to find the seat was wet too. My hair was so wet, my clothes were wet, and my heart was bubbling.

Now I know no matter what, God can give you the best attitude, to give thanks in all circumstances for that is God’s will for me in Christ Jesus. I also know, that my mood affects others. People at home, people at work. If I am happy, it reflects. If I am sad, it shows. If I am angry, it blows. If I am bubbly, it overflows! So its all me now. What I choose to be in Christ!

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