Thursday, December 8, 2011


I picked a book, out of sheer curiosity recently. “Power at the Bottom of the well”, Bottom of the well?? I flipped through it, it talked something weird about translational analysis, I was about to put it back, when something caught my eye.

It said, everyone of us have PAC Ego; Parent-Adult-Child ego in us.
P- Parent – That which we inherited from our parents, kind of a rule book. Do this, don’t do that.
A-Adult – Which analyses, understands, and decides based on the finding( much like a computer).
C- Child- which dreams, fantasies, fancies, feels, and responds – a bundle of emotion, faith, and child likeness.
We all have this inherent in us, and we show forth or act in a particular way. If you think Adult ego is the best, you are wrong. It has to be a blend of all 3 egos.

It also talked about 4 types of people.
1. I am ok, you are ok .
2. I am ok, you are not ok. (Prideful)
3. I am not ok, you are ok. ( inferior/self pity)
4. I am not ok, you are not ok. –(depressed)

What am I ? How do I react to others?

I wish I had more time to read it. I told my husband to read it, which I am sure won’t happen. So if you are on a look out for some crazy good books. This one sure, will make an interesting read.

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