Thursday, September 13, 2012


I love balloons! Blowing them, holding them, releasing them, scratching them, pressing them so hard to pop them. I have watched Tom and Jerry blow up like balloons in the air, and have laughed it all out.

But never have I thought that I would be like a balloon.Blown up, blowing up... There are differences though. No sound when you scratch them, and ofcourse you can't pop them up out.  My belly is the size of a football now. No wonder, people stare at it. That's the first thing they look at. Its embarrassing, but I have got used to it now. Am carrying my baby in my belly, what more could I want. I can't imagine, there are 2 lil pairs of eyes, ears, hands and legs, stretching, and boxing inside me.   I wonder what trouble I gave my mom!

So my blooming belly, is yet to grow another football size.. I have to be extra cautious getting up, sitting down, walking, climbing stairs, sleeping, almost everything. No wonder mothers, have a special attachment towards their children. It is imbibed into all your thoughts and movements.. and I am hoping that motherly instinct kicks in soon.

I have only 3 more months to go. That is kinda sad. No more can I flaunt around my ballooony belly.  No more can I feel the baby inside me. I hate separation :(

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