Monday, September 3, 2012


I remember my friend who shared,that she cried the day before her delivery. I wondered if it was out of fear. But she wasn't. She had so bonded with the unborn baby in her belly, that the thought of being separated after birth was haunting.
That's crazy, I thought. I had thought pregnant woment, are just ready to get it over with. You lose your shape, your lifestyle, you can't eat, all that you want to, you can's sleep in whichever position you want to. You can't travel, climb, run, goof around like you used to. Not to mention the heavy weight you carry around, and people staring at you and your belly all the time , along with the throw ups, kicks, and heart burns, that you just can't seem to get over with.
But now that I have carried my lil alien for 5 months, I sure like carrying him around..[This statement may change? in the coming months?] But as of now, he/she is no trouble! No diapers needed, no crying,  I can carry my baby to any and all important meeting I attend in office. I can go to my office, go shopping,  go anywhere I want to without worrying about carrying the baby externaly. Isn't that cool? 

To imagine, the baby inside my body, is pretty amazing and funny too! Can you imagine 10cm uterus, growing/stretching 40 times more? I read, that it stretches to nearly the size of 2 footballs just before the birth! Oh boy!!  There are other strange stuffs too. Like the linea negra, the tap, tap of the belly, the weight I am putting on each day.

I can't stop thanking God! Its a wonderful feeling... pretty strange... and I know, its going to go away soon.. So till then, Lord, help me to enjoy it :)

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