Monday, December 17, 2012


I remember a lil dress my mom showed me.  She said, she stitched it, when I was inside her womb. She had been eagerly waiting for a girl child.  The first 3 had been boys, and she wanted a girl badly.   My birth had been  magical. Dad named me before my birth. I was a promise from God, that Indians would follow Christ. Isaiah 62:4.

He even went to the extent of annoucing the birth, when I was just 2 mths inside my mom.  No one knew, mom was pregnant, and it was so embarrasing for mom, for dad announced it to a crowd of hundreds - an annual meeting at his workplace and moreover Mom was 40 then.  She was too old to be pregnant.. I can imagine how it would have been.

But she loved me.. she trusted that it was girl, just like my dad and she made me a pretty embroidered skirt, which I still have and have worn it on my doll :)

Well, I wanted to try one for my baby. My mom would be pleased.  Mom's best friend, she is 80 yrs old, has sent today a parcel of handstictched clothes for my baby. It was such a beautiful surprise. What my mom would have done, she had done.  She even left some paints and threads so that I can try my own. and by am I excited!  This is so interesting!

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