Sunday, December 30, 2012


Its been quite an experience from the beginning.  More so, towards the end.  Lot of self discoveries, surprises, just leaves me amazed at how it has come through so far.

And this December, has been the limelight. Christmas has been different. Each day with a newer expectation, of not knowing 'when' or 'how' has been exceedingly interesting. Everyone is eager and ready at home. Each phone calls, are more about the baby than the seasonal greetings.

You normally don't plan to be in a hospital ever in your life... and hence this has been quite different.. Any time now, I can go to the hospital.. I would have to stay 3- 5 days or more.  All the injection, the hospital bed, the pillows, the IV, the hospital gown. Looking forward to that-? definitely is strange.. But yes, am looking forward to see the alien, wriggling in my stomach for so long.. can't wait to see his/her eyes, touch the fingers, toes, and rub its nose with mine..

Am not looking forward, for sleepless nights, the pain, or the tiredness..  My 11 mth old niece wakes up at 4 AM everyday, and makes sure, everyone is up in the house.. Good bye to late morning sleeps, Good bye to do your own things. Good bye, to your own self. Good bye, to your plans, Good bye to your schedules. Someone else runs the household :)

Oh this is going to be a different Chapter 4!!

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