Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Amy is active and energetic when she is in bed. She kicks her feet, moves them around, and even moves herself to few inches off. Her hands are quick and moving too. Her toes and fingers grasp anything that they touch, pulling sheets, hair and what not.

But you know what, when I try to lift her up and put her somewhere, she looks at me, and looks so helpless! She can't do anything that she wants. Can't talk, can't walk, can't lie down the way she wants to. The only language she speaks, I hardly understand, and that makes me helpless. I am clueless to what she wants.

It has been few weeks, since I am sleeping alone with her. Satish is out of town and my aunt, ,mother-inlaw are not around. so when she cries at night, and I look at her, and try all sorts to calm her down, and still she's crying.. I am all the more helpless. She has got cold, thanks to me, and she has a stuffy nose, that she can't breathe easily. And boy, it is so hard to see her struggle to breathe and sleep.

We got her some hanging rattles, she can't even hold them. She is too young to understand that they are toys. She cant grasp toys yet! She can't even turn her head or eyes as much as she wants to! Oh poor baby, you seem so helpless.

I was talking to my brother today, and we were wondering, how she would be one year from now on. Running around. Talking.
Life! This is an exciting ride!

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