Tuesday, March 12, 2013

World outside

Its the third month, and I have never been home this long. Not during school days.. When your annual vacation is a month or so. Not in college too. Neither while working. Even when I switched companies, there has not been more than a month gap.

So this has been the first time, that I am all time home. 24x7. I have lost track of date, day, or week. It is hard to imagine, that my team back in office, are still working on webstars- tickets according to their severity. The team meetings, the ever crowded food court, the busy traffic morning and evening. It is hard to imagine, that it is still the same outside. But here, the world revolves around little Amy.

Waking up, feeding her, changing her diapers. Giving her a bath. Feeding her, making her sleep, burping her. Playing with her. The routine is the same. I am seeing her grow. Her hands and legs becoming stronger, and bigger. Am living inside a smaller world now. It is hard to believe that there is another world outside. I wonder how the transition is going to be!

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