Monday, May 11, 2015


JDA Uncle was my God father. Before I ever knew what that meant, I knew he was someone special in our household. He and my dad had been good friends for years. Uncle was a world traveller, a great story teller, that he could go on and on. He was a visionary.

Recovered from TB, and finishing  Bangarpet Bible school, he had taken over VBS from Hamilton. Teaching children the way of the Lord was his passion. He had dreams of a Bible world. A great Bible teacher, who insisted on teaching the Bible and living it, rather than just preaching it.

He made the Bible alive in all its glory. The Bible history - scrolls, earlier printing history, and even the flowers, animals, grains in the Bible brought in so much meaning as you hear him speak. He enjoyed what he taught, and his energy and enthusiasm is catchy. You will be pulled into the world of Bible with power.

He had got my dad, the tape recorder for helping with VBS pictures.  My brothers made good use of it, for their first light and sound programs. They recorded their cooked up stories, make shift music, my brothers songs, my voice and so much more back in the 80s.

Uncle lived such a simple life, the love of his life, his wife Beulah had passed away years ago. I took pride in being called his beul. I wish I had met him after my little girl was born. He wanted to see her. I remember his words. I wish I had called him often. :(

The first thought when I heard that he is no more, is that the warmth he would have felt when he stepped into heaven. The width and length and breadth of heaven in all its beauty and glory would have been such a amazing moment. He would have met his wife, met my mom, and whole lot of people. He would be busy basking in the love and joy and excited.

But the reality that I will never get to see him, or see his email, or hear his voice is heart breaking. I dono why i am in such an emotional mess. But I guess loved him a lot, and wish I had seen him and given him a hug.

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