Friday, December 16, 2016


I've always loved trees. They remind me of the song, 'the trees of the field will clap their hands '. As a child I've talked to the ones on MCC campus fence.
I tell Amy to look at the bark, touch and feel and see how big,majestic they look and how wide spread and comfy the branches are to birds and animals.

My love of my job, got transfixed because of our campus. The green campus. Plants, flowers, landscape changing quite frequently and I've enjoyed them all. I've gulped in the beauty and they were my pride. The road to our campus, GST road also fascinates me. Trees,extending their limbs.

The aftereffects of the cyclone on Monday chopped a part of me.. The GST road looks barren. Heaps of fallen trees. Twisted and broken. Walking through our campus,is like walking in a war zone. Huge trees lay fallen. Leaves strewn all over. Lifeless beauties on the ground, never to return back to glory.  The MCC campus too. Trees of all sizes and shapes. Such beauty. Lost in few hours.

I am sure, they'll try to make it grow to same glory, but it hurts. To see them all uprooted and dead. 4 hours of terrible wind. 1 day effect. Is all it took, to devastate years of growth. Lesson for life.
Character.attitude.decision. wealth. Power. Glory. Absolutely nothing is permanent. Except for the creator. The unchanging,all-powerful, all knowing God. Humbles me.

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