Saturday, September 22, 2007

The other side..

When people tell about the other side of the coin, or the grass is greener on the other side, I had believed that they were really two sides to any story.. But now I have come to realise there isnt.. There is just one pasture.. one flat world.. one life... No more or less.

We have always been taught to win, to succeed, to gain and never to loose. Funny.. we always try to reach the unattainable, set goals that are far so ahead and eventualy. I learnt from a 5 PM DD Metro cartoon, Flash Gordon, ( I think), that winning is not everything. It aint bad to take a wrong step.. so no use regretting.. It aint bad to fail.. we always learn..and something good always comes out of it..

So then, what does matter? To be happy.. in everything that happens around us.. As my dad often says, 'We are going to live few more weeks'..So why bother worrying! It aint easy all the time. But I have decided to make it a habit. To make others happy is even more exciting!

Lemme sing ths song for ya...
The time to be happy is now!
The place to be happy is here!
And the way to be happy is to make someone happy!
.. and tata tada tada ta da! ( Would be grateful if someone can remind me of the rest of the song! )

4 comments: said...

i think the next line is

and have a little fun right now...

Nebeula said...

Thanks Kingsly! So good to finaly know the last line! :)

Nebeula said...

This is the right line!

"And make a little heaven right here!! "

Shilpa said...

Hey! it is amazing to see the similarity on our posts..!

By the way....where did you learn the poem?