Thursday, December 20, 2007

My latest Crush...

He's so charming and cute. With such an innocent face that I just cant get angry at his crazy pranks. He loves cuddling me, and falling all over me at the time I least expect. I love that too. ;) He is so open and frank, that you feel embarrased at his big speech at times. He has a heart of gold, spontanious and yet sooo VERY naughty! I jst cant contain him!

Yeah, am talking about Kevin! Not the hollywood Kevin Costner or Kevin Spacey, but our 3 yr old hero at home, my nephew! He loves eating chocolates with all his 10 fingers, he loves piggybacking during family prayer. He irks me most of the time, for he cant sit still for more than 30 secs.

The other day, at midnight, my sis in law heard a faint 'Mommy' and woke with a start not finding Kevin next to her. She was perplexed and frightened as she groped around in dark. That's when she heard our Kevin brightly say, ' Mom, I am lying down here!' .

We all laughed at this story, but the underlying lesson i learnt amazes me. He dint cry that he fell off the bed.. or he had hurt his head.. he dint say mom i fell! The words he chose, shows the different perspective one can have at the worse of situation! Aint it?!


Nebeula said...

"Epeeka ; Na Nalakaen" ;
"Pichiduvaen pichi" ;
"Potu Thaku! ";
"Ena Family da idhu";
"Poda Daei"
"Ada Paaavi"

Some of Kevy's favorite quotes.. And believe it or not, their timing is so very perfect that it amazes/embarasses all who hear it! He's such a funny guy!

little Denny said...

yeah, you are true that we can learn many good thing from kids if we are open minded.... Kids are always entertaining and amazing, i miss my Agatha and Mercy(niece).
Howz that girl Bharathy whom u have written in a blog.