Friday, January 18, 2008

On track !

We were travelling to office, me and my friend on Boghi, ( day before pongal) a Monday morning. Boghi is a day where the old stuff is burnt to make way for the new. The air was filled with smog ( smoke + fog).Practically unable to view anything clearer and the typical monday blues setting in , we boarded the 7.20 AM train.

As few stations crossed, it looked as if we were travelling on clouds! Either side of the train was white. Like a thick blanket. The trees, the road, the houses were all magicaly gone! We stood near the train door, puzzled and quite excited as it looked like travelling into a fairy tale land.

We were discussing, how the train driver would manage, if he cant just see where we are going? We then realised we need not worry, for we are on the track. Unlike a bus on the road, this had the least of worries, as, though unclear, we sure can proceed and move on to our destination, because WE ARE ON THE TRACK..

God taught us one beautiful lesson that day. In life, we may not know where we are heading. The opportunities might be closed. Thick reality might stare right on our faces. Fear and anxiety sets in. But we need not worry, for if we had surrendered our life to God, we are always on track. And haan, its the driver's headache to get us through! All we need is just to hold on and relax!

'.. All things that surround me become shadows in the light of You!

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little Denny said...

Hey, Beautiful thought, very good analogy for surrending to God's Plan.I will use it elsewhere by putting source beulah.

Keep on track and post more.