Friday, January 25, 2008

and a little child will lead them...

I turned shocked to see a young mom shout and scold her lil kid in tbm railway bridge. The kid 1 feet tall, bare foot, thin legs, unkempt hair, shabbily dressed, clutching to a mini ponds talcum powder box, was held on one hand tightly by her mom.She was scolded as she dint inform there were stairs ahead.

The scene being strange, I stopped and then it sinked in. The Mother was blind, and her little girl was her only set of eyes. I've seen blind people walk, but this was hard to sink in.. The kid, who must be say 2 yr old, can barely walk, she cant even talk clearly, but the way she led was amazing! Telling/guiding her Mom, where to pause, where to walk or slow down! We followed her, afraid, they might hit a rick or a person. But the girl was pulling her mom to the bus stand, at amazing pace and that too precisely!

The kid was visibly malnourished. But her strength was incredible. The look she gave, to people who bumped on the way.. huh, it needs to be seen to believe and nothing could express it.

Strength comes from within...Not from food, clothes, money, power, belief in the future or even health. It seems to come from deep within. What we are, and where we draw our confidence from.
Prov 3:26 'For the LORD will be your confidence and will keep your foot from being snared.'
Isaiah 11:6 '...and a little child will lead them.'


Beulah Evelyn said...

Beautiful post of a mom who saw the world through her child’s eyes. Strength surely does comes from deep within. And deep within confidence builds with experience. For a 2 year old kid to fight back innocently of the untold danger (sensed), I can imagine her previous though occurrences that she could have encountered. Life is the best teacher and the kid has perfectly understood to suffice.

And to you Beulah, great miracles lie in simple things and you seem to have perfectly understood it. While people are too busy to stop and get the feel of the nature and environment, you seem go perfect in quenching your soul thirst. Get going! Let your going be good :)

Nebeula said...

Thank you beu! That's the best comment/compliment I've got. Yeah, its actually surprising that God has placed us in such a happening world. We only need to step back, see, and sink it in, to get charged up!

I guess, it goes like this. Strength<-confidence<-experience. But the base line is Love. We could do anythg for the one we love. Its amazing to know that we are backed up by God's love all the time! so that means we could do all things thru Christ who strengthens us! whew, another learning! :)

kingsly said...

Beautiful.... as the child was the eyes of her Mom, you have been the eyes through which many see wonderful things in common situation.
You have learned to enjoy life i suppose...
Gr8 article