Monday, February 4, 2008

Striking a balance!

Excited or Ground State. This is where I'll be most of the time and I try my best to strike the balance. The thing that induces this may be an event, a person, a news, a surprise, a situation. ( U know how I oscillate now.) Making it simple, the basic thing is expectation. If it is met, am in Excited state. If it is not met, I'll be down and out.

So how do I TRY to strike the balance?
A.First thing, if something upsets me, I put myself in tht person's shoes.
1. Have I done something similar to anyone. ( May be hurt, offended, or given a sarcastic/cutting remarks like someone did to me?)
2. Had I been in their state, may be I would have done the same thing. ( Ans could be yes or no) 3. I cant judge that person at all.. ( I have no other way to point that person. Instead point it to self) ( Matt 7:1)

B. Forgive that person.
1. First step helps put things in perspective. Even if it doesnt fit, just forgive tht person/thing off yr mind.(remember: Seventy times Seven) ( Matt 18:22)
2.The alternative is that we NEED to love the person. So this issue/misunderstanding cant come in the way. God's love is unconditional and we are forgiven.aint it? (John 13:34)

C. Confront the person, with issue, or thing.
1.This is delicate. Most of the times I dont. But if u r close to the person in subject better to tell the person in a subtle way, 'hey I dint like wht u said/did/doing'. 'I expected this/that'. (It could bombard, breach yr relationship, or on the other hands, helps u see thgs fr tht persons perspective, and bond u more)
2.Irrespective of the person's response, either positive or negative, we had forgiven that person/situation beforehand. So be prepared for anything here.

Well, it sure doesnt happen one by one. It happens instantaneously. within our mind, fraction of a second. The people who offend or hurt us a lot are our loved ones, parents, siblings, or our close friends.Funny aint it? Anyway, any relationship know in advance, that we can't expect anyone to be good/to do good, to say the right thing, to be our role model except God. Anne Frank's 'Inspite of everything, I still believe everyone are good at heart' ( Everyone includes terrorist, hypocrites, rapist, drunkards, everyone in this world) is amazing!

And I learn to get excited, not by people who can change any minute, but by small things around me. A monkey in the station, a sunset, a cloud, a
starless sky, anything that God had made.

"Expect great things from God, and attempt great things for God. " William Carey, 1792. [ and I bet, he meant, Expect great things not from MEN, and yr loved ones, but from God alone]

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