Friday, February 8, 2008

The Obvious stuffs!

I had the tomatoes ready and that was when I noticed, none of the 3 knives were around. I scanned the kitchen in sections, but I couldn't spot any last Thursday morning. My eyes then fell on a strange red flat small knife in out dining cum working table and I started using that to cut the veg. SNAP! The Knife though it looked blunt went right into my left forefinger. Blood was oozing out, I stopped its flow with some ice cubes, and continued my chopping,for it was getting late.
SNAP, SNAP! This was my right forefinger and this was painful though it had no blood. Dad had woke up by then and had come to help peeling onions. Elaborating my unsuccessful hunt for knife all morning,I gave him my only red knife and warned him to be cautious. He directly went to the usual place where we keep the knives, and to my amazement right under my nose, there it was!
It was only when mom came, I learnt what that red knife is used for. It seems it is for cutting paper and opening postal covers! No wonder both the edges were sharp and so I've been roaming around in office with bandaid on both my forefingers for 2 days now!

Funny, how obvious things things are missed. May be its time not to "look beyond what you see" hakuna matata style or even the "Beyond the obvious" TCS style! Another lesson for life learnt as I type this blog, sans both my forefingers.

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